Transpersonal Inner Communication

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Etymologically, communicate comes from the Latin communicare, which means “to share something, to pool together”. Communication is an inherent phenomenon that human beings enjoy when they meet. In essence, Man is a communicating being and from the beginning of humanity, pooling together life experiences was obtained through drawings, cave engravings; and gestures.

From birth, the human being is immersed in a communicating bath; he cannot develop without these stimulations. Communication with the newborn baby largely takes place via touching and physical contact. The recent experience regarding Romanian orphanages proved that the total lack of physical contact brought on serious growth delays, even a large number of deaths of newborn babies.

Accompanied Inner Communication associates words with touching, by establishing contact and cupping the accompanied person’s hand. This communication is above all a welcome, allowing each accompanied person to better structure himself and live his own life. Listening in Accompanied Inner Communication is connecting the person to himself, to his inner self.

The words that emerge from this accompaniment are the reflection of a feeling and in no way at all can be considered information