Accompanied Inner Communication is related to a transpersonal type of communication by the fact that there is an expansion of the conscience during the session.


The accompaniment with Accompanied Inner Communication, allows the person accompanied to progressively leave a sensation of being fragmented from repressed wounds, to consciously find a feeling of unity.

Therefore, during an AIC session, the access to a state of transpersonal conscience permits the feeling that reality is not lived like a duel.


Painful memories emerge from the unconscious and are integrated in a conscience that grows with each session.


From an Asian interpretative viewpoint, the palm of the hand is an additional center for the heart’s energy.

We can interpret supporting the hand as a posture that connects the person accompanying and the person being accompanied, heart to heart.



This way of accompanying contributes to establishing contact with what I refer to as the accompanied person’s « center of truth » and from this center, welcoming and integrating all of the hidden or sometimes disassociated aspects of the personality.



The goal is to allow a unification process of one’s being and expand one’s conscience with recognition and acceptation of all of the aspects of the person’s being; reconciling opposites within the conscience.



This is the way reconciliation occurs in the individual, ending the confrontation thus allowing inner peace to take root, little by little.



Via the typed text, one of the objectives of AIC is to allow the accompanied person to become more conscious of himself, releasing his attachment with the past and his fear of the future, thus learning how to live the present moment consciously.



Another essential aspect of AIC is the accompaniment. This takes place on two levels:


 He/She is also there to provide a safe area that the accompanied person did not previously have; leaving him feeling overwhelmed and alone.The goal is that the person can slowly integrate, bit by bit, the     unacknowledged aspects of his psychic whole.